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Strapped Duramount

Convenient. Secure. Safe.

Designed to accommodate steel and aluminum oxygen cylinders including “D”, “E”, and “Jumbo D” sizes, our all new DURAmount Oxygen Bottle Holders are specifically designed to meet stringent safety standards, provide secure attachment, and maintain unmatched quality throughout the life of its use. Our DURAmounts are constructed of durable cast aluminum and accommodates almost all oxygen regulator controls. Our polyester webbed straps, with a breaking strength of 4,971 lbs, securely holds the cylinder in place. Our brackets have been tested to meet KKK-1822-F and SAE J3043 requirements, and can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

  • Product Number: OA1101-D-1

    D 4.30″ Cylinder: Oxygen Bottle Retention System


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