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Aluminum Castings PageCasting is an inexpensive and versatile way of forming aluminum into a wide array of products.  Due to its low cost, aluminum is the most commonly cast non-ferrous metal in the world. Aluminum is light weight, retains strength, corrosive resistant, high in electrical and thermal conductivity, and is non-magnetic. The geometries achieved through shaping molten aluminum has advantages in manufacturing over fabricating, forging, machining, and welding.  Metal casting provides low cost solutions for manufacturers around the world.

Our Sand Castings

The most versatile and cost-effective method for manufacturing aluminum products is sand casting.  The process starts with a pattern (tooling) that is a replica of the finished casting.  Virtually any pattern can be pressed into a sand mixture to form the mold into which the aluminum is poured.  Compared to other casting methods, sand casting is usually more economical for small quantities, intricate designs, or when larger castings are required.  Sand casting, through automated systems, can produce the same cost-effective castings at a high volume.

Here at Cast Products, Inc. we have state of the art automated molding equipment as well as top of the line manual molding machines, which enables us to offer our customers the most cost effective casting solution regardless of size, geometry, or required quantity.

Sand Casting Benefits

  • Reduces/Eliminates labor in fabrication
  • Eliminates multiple vendor sourcing
  • Eliminates multiple components in parts
  • Reduces assembly and shipping costs
  • Repeatable dimensional specs
  • More aesthetic look of part

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