Cast Products’ Engineering Department is an industry leader in casting design, utilizing the latest technologies in CAD, CAM, and CNC software. Through the combined initiatives of our Engineers and Tooling Specialists, we are able to provide precise casting designs, make the tooling, and recommend the best process for you based on the production requirements, tolerances, finishing, post machining, and over size and shape of the part. We can offer efficient response to design revisions, in-house fixture designs, manufacturing, & CNC machining allowing for faster development and introduction of your casting needs.

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Value-Added Services

  • In-house Tooling Department reducing your out-sourced costs
  • Design & program of the tooling, finishing process, and post machining fixtures
  • Utilize 3D modeling & design
  • Provide 2D blueprints, realistic photo renderings, and part analysis
  • Convert fabricated or non-aluminum samples into parts suitable for the sand casting process
  • Create and provide 3D models that will allow for your verification of the form, fit, and function
  • Import mating components of your design to ensure the design fits your application


   CAD Sofware

  • 3D Modeling & design
  • 2D Blueprints
  • Realistic Photo Renderings
  • Part Analysis

   CAM Software

  • Design & programming of the tooling
  • Design & programming of post machining fixtures

   3D Laser Scanning

  • Scanning of fabricated designs or complex geometry
  • Scanning of production castings for dimensional analysis

   CMM Digitizer

  • Reverse engineering of fabricated designs
  • Coordinate date for CNC programming
  • Measurement data for dimensional analysis

File Import Capabilities

Hard copy drawings

3D Model files (.igs, .stp, other native CAD formats)

2D Drawings (.dwg, .dxf, .jpg, or .pdf)

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