Cast Products, Incorporated is one of the premier green sand foundries in the United States. With state-of-the-art equipment, our streamline processes and automation enables us to produce castings at the best prices available in the market. Our facilities comprise two foundries and seven molding machines, enabling us flexibility in both run-time and pattern (part) size. If you are not sure whether a sand casting is right for your application, our Sales Team can help you determine the best process for your application.

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Value-Added Services

  • Cost-Effective Solutions – Green Sand Casting Techniques
  • Low Cost, High Quality – Automatic Molding Equipment
  • Small & Large Castings – Seven Different Flask Sizes
  • 1 to 1,000 Part Orders – Seven Molding Machines
  • Complex & Hollow Castings – Shell-Core Processes


  • Pattern (Tool) Department
  • Robert Sinto 20×24 Molding Machine
  • Six Osborn Ram-Jolt Squeeze Molding Machines
  • Nine Different Flask Sizes – 12×22; 13×18; 14×14; 14×24; 16×16; 18×28; 20×24; 22×42; 26×32
  • Four 2,300 lbs. Thermtronix Electic Furnaces
  • Two Semi-Automatic Shell Core Machines
  • MMEI Degassing Unit
  • Sand Lab

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