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What is a typical production lead time for an order?
Lead times depend on the size of the order and what is ordered. Our lead times are typically 3-4 weeks.

Is there a minimum order quantity for an order?
There is not a minimum order quantity. Order 1 or 1,000 – we always appreciate your business.

Does CPI offer quantity discounts?
We do not offer quantity discounts. We do, however, offer discounts to OEMs and Distributors.

Does CPI stock or carry certain items in inventory?
We carry some of our product line in stock. Please contact customer service for questions regarding stocked items.

New Projects & Castings

How do I get started with a new part I want cast?
Contact customer service on how to get started. We will request either an engineering file, 2d print, or physical sample prior to sending a formal quote. Once a formal quote is approved and payment is received, we will proceed with designing your casting.

How long does it take for CPI to make a pattern and ship sample parts for approval?
It typically takes us 6 weeks from design start to sample approval depending on how long it takes our customer to approve the quote and 2d prints and renderings.

Does it cost extra to put my company logo on my part?
It typically does not require much additional cost to include your logo on a part. Our engineers can take your logo from a .jpeg file and design the casting to include it. We will advise you of the cheapest solution on where to include your logo.

What are CPI’s machining capabilities?
We have several secondary machining processes including CNC machining, polishing, powder coating, vibratory finishing, stainless steel shot-blasting, glass bead-blasting, milling, drilling, tapping, and smooth grinding.

What types of alloys does CPI pour?
We pour AL 319, AL 356.1, and AL356.2. Others are available upon request.

What size castings can CPI manufacture?
We offer pattern sizes from as small as 12x22in. up to 22×42 in. or 26×32 in.

What engineering files do you accept?
We accept 3D model files (.igs, .stp, and other native CAD formats), 2D drawings (.dwg, .dxf, .jpg, or .pdf), and even hard copy drawings.

Warranty, Replacements, & Service

What is the warranty period on your products?
See our entire warranty here.

How do I return a product under warranty?
E-mail for a Return Goods Authorization (RGA). Once an RGA has been issued and completed, send back via email and return the goods with a copy of the RGA in the carton to:

Attn: Returns
18676 N. Jefferson St.
Athens, AL 35614

My siren speaker quit working? How can I tell if it is the speaker or the siren amplifier that is at fault?
Disconnect the speaker leads and measure the AC voltage across the speaker lead wires. The AC voltage should measure 33 volts RMS if the amplifier is working with the function switch set to wail or yelp. In addition, the DC resistance across the speaker terminals should be 4.2-4.6 ohms.

My speaker quit working, should I send the entire speaker or just the siren driver back for repair or replacement?
If the speaker driver is covered under CPI Warranty, send back the speaker driver only. Contact for more information.

General Products

What payment types are available?
We accept credit cards (Visa & Mastercard), Checks, Wire Transfers, and ACHs.

Where can I buy CPI products?
We are a direct seller to all of our customers. Please call us at 1-800-468-2278 or email your purchase orders to

Do CPI speakers conform to SAE J1849 specifications and performance requirements?
All CPI speakers have been tested with the major siren amplifiers in the marketplace today. Our speakers comply to the requirements of SAEJ1849.

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