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A leader in North American casting innovation, we provide high quality sand castings at competitive prices and lead times. At Cast Products, Inc., our mission is to bring innovative, cost-saving aluminum castings to industry while maintaining strict quality control for our current and future customers.

Cast Products, Incorporated (CPI) was founded in 1979 by Basil Wayne Wheeler. Since then, we have grown our manufacturing space to over 80,000 square feet and have over 170 proud and motivated employees. We are a privately owned engineering and manufacturing company specializing in cast aluminum products for a variety of industries. Since 1979, we have continued to develop our own line of innovative products while also offering proprietary casting services to customers around the world. From pre-design to on-time delivery, our team knows exactly what it takes to meet your needs and look forward to the opportunity to earn your business in the future.

Corporate Capabilities

Our corporate capabilities include product design engineering, pattern making, machining and finishing, product assembly, and excellent customer service. By vertically integrating all processes required to manufacture aluminum castings, we are able to rapidly produce patterns and production parts with strict quality control at competitive prices.

Design & Engineering

From pre-design support and feasibility analysis to 2D prints and project renderings, our Engineering Team is here to help you make the right decision.

Tool & Pattern Making

With our own tooling department, we are able to build, gate, and maintain all patterns in order to offer you the lowest cost solution for your casting requirements.

Sand Casting Foundries

We have 2 sand cast foundries equipped with 7 molding machines. This allows us to take orders from 1 piece to 1,000+ pieces at no additional charge.

Finishing Processes

Our finishing department is equipped to offer numerous finishes including polishing, ball burnishing, stainless steel shot-blasting, glass bead-blasting, smooth grinding and powder-coating.

Production Machining

We house 5 CNC machines that are able to meet complex specifications. In addition, we offer conventional machining processes including milling, drilling, and tapping.

Quality Control & Testing

Quality is the cornerstone of our business and we strive to meet the highest standards with multiple QC processes including a sand testing lab, metal cleaning equipment, metal quality testing equipment, stringent requirements in our production processes, and final inspection supervision with over 25 years of industry experience.

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