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About Us

Cast Products, Inc. was started in 1979 by Basil Wheeler. An avid inventor and entrepreneur, Mr. Wheeler quickly transformed his small-time pattern shop, which outsourced castings at the time, into a giant sand casting foundry focused on manufacturing products that solved problems for OEM customers. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Cast Products primarily manufactured its product line for the specialty and emergency vehicle industries. Under Basil’s leadership, CPI designed and manufactured hundreds of catalog products including some of the more notable ones – the patented “In-The-Bumper Siren Speakers”, IV Hangers, Door Grabbers, Folding Steps, Light Housings, Fuel Guards, and Fenderettes. During this time, Cast Products built a reputation for not only being a great supplier that put its customers first but also manufacturing castings with exceptional surface finishes. 

In 1992, Mike Medlen became President of Cast Products. Under his leadership, CPI expanded its capabilities and continued to grow into one of the largest privately-owned companies in Athens, AL. By investing in molding automation and CNC machining, he positioned Cast Products for further growth as it pursued opportunities outside of the emergency vehicle industry that required higher volume and more complex casting requirements.

Fast forward to today, Cast Products has transformed into an industry-leading design and manufacturing company focused on cast aluminum components. Still family-owned, CPI is in its third generation of leadership with Colby Medlen as the Chief Operating Officer and Colin McMurry as as the Chief Financial Officer and VP of Sales. With over 100,000 square feet and 200+ employees, Cast Products has become the premier source for designing, engineering, and manufacturing custom aluminum castings while continuing to develop and manufacture its large catalog of products for the specialty vehicle industry. Producing over 30,000 parts per week – most of them with finished or post-machined surfaces – our products can be found on major brands in the marine, commercial vehicle, specialty vehicle, utility trailer, and recreational and trucking markets. 

Since 1979, we have relentlessly pursued the latest in casting and surface finishing technology. From pre-design to tooling to daily manufacturing, we feel confident that our quality and overall value offer cannot be matched for aluminum components. See what we’re made of and contact us today for your next project.

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