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Engineering & Design

We’re Problem Solvers First

Problem-solving is the core of what we do. Every project that goes through our Engineering Department is viewed as a challenge – can we improve the fit, function, or finish? We take pride in adding value. If we put our stamp of approval on it, we make sure that it exceeds your expectations.


An engineer is only as good as their resources. At Cast Products, we utilize the latest technologies in CAD, CAM, and CNC software to deliver the highest value to our customers. When a customer submits a project to us, we consider 2d prints, 3d models, and photo renderings as standard deliverables as part of our quote. We understand that casting design can be difficult, and we want to be sure our customers are satisfied with the project path before we begin manufacturing tooling. 


We are an elite group of tinkerers and we know manufacturing. Having all processes in-house, from design to tooling to manufacturing, is a powerful value offer in terms of manufacturability. We have managed thousands of projects from design to daily production and we are able to harness that knowledge of processes and cost optimization on every new project. Before pushing a project into production, we tediously explore how a product can be designed or finished differently to ensure we deliver the highest value to our customers. 

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Experience a team with unwavering dedication to its craft and a hands-on approach to the design & tooling process.

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