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Aluminum Castings

We’re not your ordinary aluminum foundry. We can mold and finish aluminum castings with incredible precision and repeatability using our state-of-the-art equipment. We utilize the latest sand molding technology to offer low and high-volume production with best-in-class pricing and surface finishing. 

Core Manufacturing

If you’re not in the foundry business, you may have never heard of cores. But for us, it is an integral capability that allows us to offer hollow and back-drafted features in final production castings. A sand-shell core is performed, through separate tooling and molding, and then inserted into the primary mold to shape the metal casting in ways it cannot be shaped by the primary pattern itself. 

CNC Machining

Combining the precision and repeatability of CNC machining with the economies gained from molding cast aluminum allows endless possibilities in metal manufacturing. We are able to cut complex geometries into our aluminum castings using the latest technology in CNC machining. 

Powder Coating

Powder coat is one of the fastest-growing metal finishes in the industry. Its unlimited color and texture options in addition to its corrosive-resistant properties make it an excellent choice for product applications. We are experts at combining our surface finish experience with our powder coating technology to offer unlimited gloss, texture, and color variations.

Polishing & Finishing

Polishing and finishing are the backbone of our manufacturing operation. We understand that the best casting cannot overcome substandard finishing and we have built an unlimited toolbox of finishing options for our customers. We have over 35,000 square feet dedicated solely to polishing, cosmetic grinding, flat grinding, sandblasting, shot blasting, and vibratory finishing. 

Plastic Routing

We are able to design, fabricate, and assemble simple and complex plastic components utilizing our state-of-the-art CNC routing machines. We specialize in cutting HDPE, PVC, ABS, and other types of plastic – both in low and high-volume production runs. 


Redefining industry standards one part at a time. We utilize the latest sand casting technology to offer low & high-volume production with best-in-class surface finishing & pricing.

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